130 Bountyland Rd., Seneca, SC 29672
(864) 888-2118

10 am - 4 pm, Wednesday-Friday
10 am - 1 pm, Saturday


Support our Resale Store by becoming a donor, a customer, or both! 

Our "Mart for previously owned merchandise" has been a success since the opening of our first store on Bountyland Road in January of 2000. Not only has the Resale Store been a moneymaker for Habitat, it has provided an outlet to the needy, and not so needy, for high quality home products at very reasonable prices.

In 2006, we moved to a 9,000 square foot buildidng across the street at 130 Bountyland Road, which offers a bigger display/selling floor as well as expanded areas for receiving and pricing merchandise, a laundry/kitchen, a facility to permit testing of major appliances for operability, and storage for seasonal items. It sells all types of home and garden merchandise from knick-knacks to bedroom suites.

Donations are accepted anytime during business hours. The store needs and appreciates donations of just about everything, especially furniture and appliances, dishes, bric-a brac, paintings, jewelry, linens, bedspreads, books, games, garden items, tools, toys, sporting goods, and new or used construction materials. No clothing please. Cars, boats and trailers in working condition are also welcome.

Pickup by our truck and "heavy-lifters" can be arranged for any items that are too large, heavy or inconvenient for you to drop off. If you are moving, we will be happy to remove all items left after your kids and neighbors have had their pick! We offer help to homeowners or heirs of sold homes clearing the house of all unwanted furniture and/or furnishings. Almost all items of value are welcome, but mechanical and electrical products must be in working order. Call us at (864) 888-2118 to arrange a pickup.

All donations may be tax deductible and are helping build more homes for local needy families.