Habitat for Humanity is its volunteers. The corollary: there are never enough to meet our needs.

The number of houses we can construct is not limited by money, sites, or qualified applications. It is the availability of willing volunteers. Construction of a house requires about 1200 direct man-hours, but that represents only a fraction of our needs. The Resale store is open 21 hours a week requiring a staff of 12. Volunteers can serve on the board of directors, on the family selection, family partners and construction committees; or assist with grant writing, public awareness, church relations, finance and accounting, volunteer coordination, and on and on... If you have particular skills in the building trades, that is great, but even if you are more likely to hammer a thumb than a nail, we can use your help! If you could spare a few hours a week, give us a call. Few activities give greater satisfaction than seeing a family, who never thought it could afford to, move into its own new home.

Love to dig in the dirt? Our landscaping crew led by Terri Mendonca needs volunteers to landscape OCHFH-built homes. Please send her an email to volunteer.

OCHFH offers great volunteer opportunities in construction, the resale store, and on committees that select future homeowners (family selection), guide them through the process of becoming homeowners (family partners) and spread the word about this Christian ministry (public awareness). For further information, please email us.


Funds may be provided in many ways and amounts, from sponsorship of the total construction costs of a house to the donation of unneeded household goods to our Resale Store. We welcome donations of virtually anything, except clothing. Contributions of household effects when moving or closing a home are also appreciated.

Please see our Resale Store page for further details.

Support can be in the way of direct money contributions, in-kind building materials, or labor and technical assistance. Contributions of your own time and effort continue to be our most valued asset. Cash contributions can be made online by clicking here or the 'make a donation' button above. When completing your donation, please be sure to click on the 'designate your gift' box and specify 'Oconee County Habitat for Humanity' as the recipient. Of course, donations by cash or check directly sent to OCHFH are always welcome. Government or public financing partnerships are encouraged, but only for property purchase and development, never for house construction. Individual donations are a major source of support. Many find contributions to Habitat an appropriate way to remember loved ones. Memorials are always acknowledged and a gift card can be sent with online donations. We create funding partnerships with:

  • Businesses and Corporations

  • Individuals

  • Churches and Social Organizations


The Holzhauer Education Fund, established in February 2011, has now provided educational grants totaling over $30,000 to dozens of students. Grants are available to resident family members of Oconee County Habitat homes for post-high school continuing education. Currently the grants are in the amount of $1,000 per term and are intended to help cover the cost of tuition, books and supplies. Anyone wishing to avail him or herself of this program should contact Habitat for an application. Also, anyone wishing to donate directly to this fund can send their check to Habitat with a note indicating that the funds are to be specifically used for the education fund. For those students currently accessing the fund, it is a valued and welcome source of financial assistance to enable them to take college courses and help them to achieve their career goals.